BRAND has built its reputation for quality and value on premium liquid handling equipment, such as the Dispensette® and Transferpette®, on its famous BLAUBRAND® volumetric glassware, and on PLASTIBRAND® disposable and reusable plasticware.

The BRAND line of liquid handling instruments described here set the world standard for accuracy, ergonomic design, and reliability.

BRAND is committed to providing you with laboratory equipment designed around your needs and comfort, and to support that equipment with superlative customer service.

Liquid Handling Products

  • Bottle Top Dispensers
  • Bottle Top Digital Burettes
  • Pipettes
  • Multi Channel Pipettes
  • Repetitive Dispensers
  • Pipetting Aids


  • The BRAND Titrette® is the only bottletop burette that meets Class A accuracy specifications for glass burettes. If needed, it can offer the precision of 3 decimal places below 20Ml


  • The Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers build on the 50 year history of BRAND dispensing expertise. Continual upgrades makes this the safest and most convenient ever, while retaining the features making the Dispensette® the world’s favorite bottletop dispenser.